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Pat Nearney (3045)

Pat Nearney Comedian

 Pat Nearney started entertaining in the late 70's writing and producing pantomimes for the local drama society. This he did for a further twenty seven years. For the past five years Pat has directed, produced and written the pantomimes for a Great Yarmouth holiday centre as well as appearing in them.

In 1997 Pat appeared in a show entitled "Bless em all" (a V.E. celebration) and was asked to perform a tribute to Max Miller (The Cheeky Chappie).

This proved very successful and Pat was signed to do two Summer Seasons at a local holiday camp appearing as Max Miller in the show.

Pat then decided comedy was the career he wanted to take and developed his own stand up act. For many years he worked in a show called "The Press Gang" which was a Norfolk based show, featuring singers, poets and comedians celebrating the Norfolk accent. Pat still does evenings with members of the show in Village halls all over East Anglia.

Pat's main forte however is his cabaret spots which he has performed in Holiday Centers and Theatres all over Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge and Essex.

Pat's act is geared to an older audience and is a pot pourri of jokes, stories and cheeky humour with the occasional song put in.

He has developed a comedy mime, using mainly 1960's songs to tell a "Love Story" which he finishes his cabaret act with. This has been very well received wherever he performs. Although Pat's material is "Cheeky" no offensive language is used.











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