Martyn Williams (2978)

At 16 Martyn turned professional as a stand-up comedian, then at the age of 18, Martyn met someone who would change his life forever...... a hypnotist called Edwin Heath who taught him the arts of hypnotism.......

Never looking back and now performing over 250+ shows a year, you will always find him one of Britain's busiest entertainers.

Respected by his peers, Martyn is the co-founding Managing Director of the Dynamic Hypnosis Organisation and in 2005 obtained a PHd in Clinical Hypnosis.

Available for all venues, any size, Martyn's show can be tailored to suit YOUR needs - Complying with the 1952 Stage Hypnosis Act, the show is fully self-contained, and satisfaction is guaranteed.

As your hypnotic guide, Martyn will assist you in entering the wonderful world of Hypnosis, a magical state of inner focus, when your subconscious mind controls your body and your beliefs.

YOU WILL be amazed by the fun antics performed by the Hypnotic Volunteers..........

YOU WILL be astonished at how fast Martyn places them into a hypnotic trance...............


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