Ian Dee (1098)

With a broad background spanning over 17 years, Ian's professionalism and dynamic style are apparent in all aspects of his Stage Hypnosis Show.

Ian Dee provides a hilariously funny show which can be described as a real 'belly laugh'. Ian doesn't pick on or humiliate anyone. Watch as audience participation takes on a whole new meaning as Ian invites volunteers up on stage and makes them into the "Stars of the show".

The Ian Dee Hypnosis Show is fascinating, safe, unbelievable and most of all good tasteful fun.

Hypnosis is a unique form of interactive variety entertainment with no two stage shows ever the same. Your audience will be left begging for more of this outrageous non stop comedy hypnosis show.

Many things are possible with hypnosis. Hypnosis is NOT magic, it is a psychological phenomenon. Hypnosis is a natural part of us all and leading hypnotic entertainer Ian Dee provides hypnosis shows that are safe and the best in hypnotic entertainment.

Experience more mystery, fun and laughter than in any other show. Shows are fun and safe when done properly.

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