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Brekks Magic (2405)

Brekks Magic Close Up Magician

Brekk’s close up magic is ideal entertainment as it bridges the age gap and provides your guests with great memories as they very much become the star of the show. There’s no camera trickery, mirrors or hidden compartments as the magic happens in their own hands. 
Both funny and breathtaking and giving clients a wonderful conversation maker helping to break the ice as guests often meet for the first time, or providing your guests with the perfect entertainment later during the party.
Close up magic is very adaptable and is suited to mix and mingle in groups, or around the tables at dinners or at the bar.
With over 15 years experience Brekk has performed in many different locations, including TV, cross channel ferries, castles and more.
Ideal for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, office parties, product launches, Christmas parties, barbeques, summer balls, Halloween, Christenings, dinner parties, corporate functions and many other events.

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