Speciality Acts

Dave Summerton (0608)

Dave Summerton Psychic Medium

Finalist in Britain's Psychic Challenge on TV's Channel Five.

As a psychic medium Dave communicates with Spiritual People who have passed on. They could be your relatives, loved ones  or even friends and acquaintances.

Dave uses no tools or stooges in his work, just pure communication skill between himself and your loved ones and as proof that no body language reading is involved Dave will also demonstrate his skill blindfolded.

Psychic evenings are becoming more and more popular by the day and a demonstration whilst having a serious side is interesting, entertaining and at times hilarious.

Dave will host your evening in a totally professional way, with total respect towards the audience and the spiritual at all times.

Information detail will connect with individuals in the audience, assuring proof of communication with the spiritual has been achieved.

Sound, lighting and screens to dress the stage area are provided.


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