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Milayna Female Vocalist

Milayna has been singing all her life but started seriously when she left dance school and joined a girl band called "Steamy Knights"  for 2 years and performed at London Arena 11 times in connection with the London Knights ice hockey team.

Milayna then decided to pursue her original ambition to be a solo artist and began writing songs. Within 2 years she assembled a collection of 84 songs to her name and with the benefit of four years professional dance training there is never a dull moment in Milayna's performance.

Milayna's other credits include an all singing dancing Cabaret show "Born Wild",  live touring band The Tribute Show performing as Sandy, CIndy Lauper, Cher, Kylie, Maddona, Gloria Estefan and Britney Spears.

Milayna is currently performing her own solo gigs around The East of England and The Midlands with live bands "7th Wonder" and "Soul Desire" whilst training in comercial hip hop dance with Younique Dance Company.

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